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Dr Dean Watson from the Headache Institute in Australia has pioneered this highly effective technique and has been getting excellent results for over 25 years. The technique works by desensitizing the brain stem. 

Research has clearly shown that all patients that suffer headaches and migraines have a sensitized lower brain stem. More research into this area has revealed the possible cause for this sensitization could be dysfunction of the upper cervical spine.

The Watson technique gently corrects this dysfunction in the affected areas of the neck using sustained pressures applied in a systematic way to ensure the best results. The treatment is non-invasive with no clicking or cracking needed.
Once the dysfunction is corrected, the brain stem can desensitize and the patient starts experiencing significant symptom relief and often complete resolution of the headache or migraine.

It usually only takes 3-5 sessions for this to be achieved and we will know whether this type of treatment is appropriate for you within the first session. For 95% of patients it is!


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